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COVID position statement

Rapidly changing events have meant that we are frequently being approached for political views or business specific information regarding state government rules and mandates, or we are deluged with emails inviting us to become experts in the field.  As a result the Chamber has resolved to issue the following position statement:

The Innisfail Chamber is a fully volunteer-run organisation with minimal resources. As such we are unable to reliably monitor, assess and disseminate information from the frequent Queensland state government updates, or undertake on-the-ground support in circumstances that can change daily.

For information and support regarding COVID-19 business impacts and requirements, we recommend people contact our parent body, the CCIQ, or our local member, who have the resources to make sense of the tide of information distributed daily.

The Chamber’s energies are currently focused on positioning our district to emerge from COVID-19 following the opening of Queensland's borders with the best possible chance of renewal and growth.

We aim to fulfil our brief by showing leadership, continuing business as usual and undertaking lobbying and representation activities in the best interests or our members, our business community and our local economy.

Link to CCIQ COVID subscriber list

Email address of local state member Shane Knuth:

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